Are You Keeping Up With the Barnett Fine Art Blog?

Have you been keeping up with the Barnett Fine Art blog? If not, now is a great time to start.

The Barnett Fine Art blog is a blog about art and the many subjects and themes that this entails. We highlight both artists and specific artwork available on our site. We provide you with exclusive information on special offers. We bring your attention to art trends in particular genres and around the world. We dig up interesting articles about the art world past and present. Our goal is to keep you informed and interested by providing you with great content right here in our blog.

Here are a few examples of blogs we’ve written recently:

Two blogs on art gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. 1 2

A blog on James Gill’s new publisher and new works, several of which are available on our site.


A blog on a private collection of Tom Wesselmann originals available exclusively through Barnett Fine Art.

Tom Wesselmann Drawing for Bedroom Painting 14

We’ve also done blogs on:

Tales of Art Theft

art theft

The Life of George Dureau

George Dureau Hercules and Anteaus

The Story of Art Forger Elmyr de Hory

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Our website offers a sample of art by your favorite artists and, as a private dealer Patty Barnett has access to many other artists around the country and around the world. Please contact Patty Barnett with your questions, thoughts and comments, and thanks for reading the Barnett Fine Art blog.


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