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Valentine’s Day is getting closer every day. Still haven’t picked out that perfect present for your loved one? Now’s the time to break the mold and start a new Valentine’s Day tradition. Give the gift of art and express your love in an entirely new and unique way. Below are a few gift ideas that fit perfectly with the theme of Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget to read our most recent blog for even more Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


LaLonde – Celestial Love Affair

Rene LaLonde is a Canadian artist known for his surrealist approach to pop art. LaLonde uses bold colors in conjunction with flattened planes to create his own surreal, cubist take on everyday pop art subjects. Despite the flat planes found throughout his paintings, LaLonde’s works are at the same time very complex and layered. Below is LaLonde’s Celestial Love Affair, a true delight for the eye.


Rene LaLonde – Celestial Love Affair

24″ x 24″
Serigraph on Gesso
Handpulled Serigraph on Gesso
Edition 237


Erte – Narcissim Mirror

This wall mirror is designed in Erte’s unmistakable Art Deco style. The animal human figures that grace the top of the mirror create an allure that’s nicely complemented by the intricately patterned border. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.


   Erte – Narcissism
Wall Mirror

33″ x 25″
Bronze Wall Mirror
Object of Art
Edition: 250


Alex Katz – Pas de Deux I

The first in Alex Katz’s Pas de Deux series, Pas de Deux I features American artist David Salle and Janet Leonard against a sold black backdrop. Katz’s preference for strong, saturated colors is on full display in this work, where Leonard’s periwinkle jacket and blonde hair steal the show.


Alex Katz
Pas de Deux I

36″ x 20″
Suite of 5
Available individually
Signed & numbered
Edition: 150


Isaac Kahn – Pas de Deux

Far from the representational work of Katz, Isaac Kahn’s Pas de Deux takes on an engaging, geometric quality. Beautifully represented in brass, this lovers’ embrace abandons any semblance of normal proportions for a wonderful abstraction.


Isaac Kahn – Pas de Deux

Sculpture 45″ x 19″
Base 21″ x 21″
Edition no. 3/6
Original Owner


Jim Dine – Two Hearts at Sunset

Dine’ warm approach to pop art is beautifully realized here in the simple yet moving Two Hearts at Sunset. There may be no better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than these two hearts on one canvas.


Jim Dine – Two Hearts at Sunset

25.5 ” x 19.2 ”
Original lithograph in 10 colors
Ed. size 200
Signed and numbered
(including 10AP & 5PP)


Erte – Flutes

These beautiful champagne flutes are yet another example of Erte’s Art Deco brilliance. Toast to many more happy years together with Flutes Majestic.


Erte – Flutes Majestic

Crystal – Objects of Art
Open Edition


This February 14th, as you celebrate another happy year with you loved one and reminisce, it can seem like the Valentine’s Days of years past blend together. Why not make this year one to remember? Start a new tradition this Valentine’s Day and give the gift of art.

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