Private Collection of Tom Wesselmann Originals from Barnett Fine Art

Barnett Fine Art is very excited to offer a rare opportunity for discerning private collectors, art dealers, and museum curators. We currently have available a private collection of Tom Wesselmann originals. The artwork in this special collection of originals includes drawings and studies for paintings, many of which are considered to be some of Wesselmann’s best and most important work. The Collection includes works from Wesselmann’s renowned Smokers series, Great American Nudes series, and Bedroom Painting series, among others.

Wesselmann is “best known for modernizing the classic female nude into a flat, enigmatic, billboard-friendly silhouette,” in his breakout Great American Nudes series. He refined his style in the Smokers series, a “sleek, hard-edge, mostly pink silhouettes of reclining female torsos or big cutout lips exhaling clouds of cigarette smoke were distinguished from his fellow Pop artists by a sensuous heat and close-up intimacy that were one part sex and four parts astutely considered color and scale.” The New York Times continues:

The images were distant relatives of pinups, filtered through the billboard genre but with a formal infrastructure developed from careful attention to the paintings of de Kooning, Matisse and Mondrian. His goal was an image that was “aggressive,” as he once put it, and that he experienced for the first time at the Museum of Modern Art in 1958 in front of a large canvas.

See the following blogs to view a few works in the Collection and also to see other art from the seller of the collection.

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Roy Lichtenstein: Industry and the Arts (II), 1969

The art in this collection has not been “shopped” and is not on the website. For those dealers, collectors, and museum curators who are interested in owning a private collection of Tom Wesselmann originals, please contact me regarding this rare opportunity. 

Tom Wesselmann Drawing for Bedroom Painting 14

Tom Wesselmann – Drawing for Bedroom Painting 14


Study for Smoker 1973 Tom Wesselmann

Study for Smoker – 1973 – Tom Wesselmann

Roy Lichtenstein Industry and the Arts (II)

Roy Lichtenstein – Industry and the Arts (II)


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