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Looking for a gift for that special someone this holiday season? Barnett Fine Art offers a wide selection of artists and pricing to fit every buyer. Below are a few suggestions for that perfect present.

Prince of Blue ~ Peter Max

A pioneer of the psychedelic art movement, Peter Max is one of the most well-known and celebrated names in American pop art. Even today at the age of 76, Max continues to create a large volume of new work every year. Featured below is Max’s Prince of Blue

Prince of Blue Peter Max

Prince of Blue ~ Peter Max

22″ x 30″



Ombretta ~ Angelo Basso

Angelo Basso was revered in both the United States and his home country of Italy for his masterful work in the Baroque revival. His marriage of contemporary sculpture with the grace and flowing movement of traditional Baroque is a testament to his technical mastery, which itself is all the more impressive considering Basso was self-taught. His works are exhibited internationally, including in the Vatican Museum. Below is Basso’s Ombretta.

Ombretta Angelo Basso

Ombretta ~ Angelo Basso

Bronze Sculpture
Excellent condition


Marie qui se Cherche ~ Philippe Bertho

Philippe Bertho burst onto the pop art scene in the ’90s and has carved a niche with his own unique modern interpretation of classical styles. His works are engaging and almost interactive, as much a puzzle as they are painting, an aspect that the artist himself has commented on. “Through my art, I create a visual story that only the viewer can complete by using their intellect, imagination and sense of humor.” Below is Bertho’s Marie qui se Cherche, or Marie Looking for Herself.

Marie qui se Cherche Philippe Bertho

Marie qui se Cherche ~ Philippe Bertho

36.8 x 28 inches
Serigraph on canvas
Recent Release



Boxed Sunshine ~ Alexandra Nechita

Formally considered the first child prodigy in the visual arts, Alexandra Nechita, now nearing 30, has taken the art world by storm with her prolific output in a variety of mediums. Her visual arts style is well known for its seamless blend of modernism, Cubism and Expressionism. Nechita also works in lithographs, bronze, metal, and glass sculpture. The work featured below, Boxed Sunshine, shows off the cubist influences for which she is so well-known and was once dubbed “the petit Picasso.” This lithograph is listed as “sold out” and is difficult to find.

Boxed Sunshine Alexandra Nechita

Boxed Sunshine ~ Alexandra Nechita

31″ x 24″
Edition Size: 195 SN 25AP


Holding Their Future ~ Yuroz

A native of Soviet Armenia, Yuroz immigrated to the United States in 1985. He is well-known for its focus on love and lovers, with an unmistakable tender and intimate hue. Yuroz works in a number of mediums including line drawings, water color, acrylic paintings, sculpture, and hand-pulled serigraphs on paper and canvas. Featured below is his drawing, Holding Their Future

Holding Their Future Yuroz

Holding Their Future ~ Yuroz

5″ x 7″
Mixed Media Line Drawing
Original Artwork


Olympic Pole Vaulting ~ LeRoy Neiman

An American artist, LeRoy Neiman was best known for his colorful expressionist screen prints and paintings of athletes and musicians. Featured below is Neiman’s Olympic Pole Vaulting.This work is notable for its comment on the 1980 Olympic games. The United States and 61 other nations boycotted the games after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, making this the largest boycott in Olympic history.

Olympic Pole Vaulting LeRoy Neiman

Olympic Pole Vaulting ~ LeRoy Neiman

42″ x 21″
Edition 1-300


Blue Nude #3 ~ Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann is another highly praised figure in American pop, though he himself has distanced himself from this moniker. Wesselmann is well-known for his Smokers, Bedroom Painting, and Standing Still Life series’, but it was the Great American Nude Series which put him on the map in 1961. Below is his Blue Nude #3.

Blue Nude 3 Tom Wesselmann

Blue Nude #3 ~ Tom Wesselmann

24.4″ X 21.7″
Silkscreen on paper
Signed and numbered 60/60


LaPlume ~ Erte

Known as “The Father of Art Deco” Erte (born Romain de Tirtoff) defined a generation of not only art, but also theater, costume, and architectural design. His work for Harper’s Bazaar graced its covers and spreads for more than 20 years. He may be best known for his graphics, which enjoyed huge popularity in the Art Deco revival movement, but Erte was also a skilled artist in other mediums. Below is his bronze sculpture, La Plume.


La Plume Erte

La Plume ~ Erte

15 1/2″ x 9″ x 5 1/4″
Bronze Sculpture
The image is the Number “2” in Erte’s famous graphic Numbers Suite
Edition: 1-250; 12AP; 9HC



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