Art Styles to Suit Your Home Decor

Incorporating paintings, prints, and sculptures into your home decor is a great way to make your home stand out. Art can serve as an interesting focal point and conversation piece, making your home unique to your personal tastes and expressive of your interests. Perhaps you are at a point where you’d like to begin collecting art but don’t know what styles will best suit your personal home decor. The following are a few popular art styles and how to incorporate them into your home.

Pop Art

Philippe Bertho home decor

“Life Box” by Phillipe Bertho adds color and vibrance to a clean, uncluttered surrounding.

Pop art developed in the 1960s as a way of commentating on flashy, consumerist culture. Naturally, pop art can be very bright and eye-catching, which makes it easy to overwhelm a room if not in the right setting. The key to displaying pop art is to continue the theme within the art itself. So, if there is a dominant color scheme to the work, consider decorating the room it will be displayed in with softer  tones of the same color. Or, if there are lots of geometric shapes in the work, accent the room with pillows, curtains, and other objects that extend the shapes and patterns found in the work. However, remember that these colors and patterns are accents; be sure not to overwhelm the room with your theme. The best way to set off pop art is to have a simple, clean, and uncluttered room with just a few splashes of strong color or patterns that are present in the work.

Art Deco

Erte Wisdom home decor

“Wisdom” by Erte adds flowing gracefulness to an Art Deco home decor.

Erte Radiance home decor

“Radiance” by Erte is another striking Art Deco work.

If your home already has art deco architecture, then choosing art deco paintings, sculptures, and objets d’art are only natural. Art deco is known for its sleek curves, sharp, jagged edges, and natural elements. You can decorate your home’s interior with cool greys, patterns from animal fur, ferns, and stainless steel. A sleek, minimalist home decor creates the perfect setting for displaying art deco works.

Abstract Art

home decor

This painting adds a splash of color and acts as a focal point for the room.

Abstract and contemporary art make great visual focal points. To display abstract art, make sure that it takes up around two-thirds to three-quarters of the space where it will be displayed. A plain white wall is great for setting off the unique elements of an abstract work. When displaying your art, make sure that it is at eye-level so that it is easy to see.


Lady in a Tree home decor

The right lighting does wonders for sculpture.

Sculptures have their own special display requirements due to their three dimensional nature. When displaying a sculpture, you want the viewer to be able to see the detail from all sides. Pick a spot where the sculpture will be out in the open, rather than putting it in a corner or up against a wall. Although you want to draw attention to the sculpture, avoid lighting from below, behind, or above. Lighting that is too bright can make the details look washed out or can cast unintentional dramatic shadows. Instead, make sure that there is plenty of diffused light in the room where the sculpture is displayed.

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