The Benefits of Owning Original Art

original art

“Library Table”
Natalie Gaidry
oil on canvas
48″ x 60″

Many fine art collectors strive to own original work made by their favorite artists. Or a collector will spot a piece they love and make sure to buy the original artwork, rather than a print. Why do so many people go to such lengths to own original art? There are three main reasons why original art brings so much satisfaction to fine art collectors.


The first thing a collector may consider when purchasing original art is “how will this fit my decor?”. When purchasing any work of art for display, you will think about how it fits into your home. If you are looking for a work that is  exciting as well as cozy and welcoming, Natalie Gaidry’s Library Table on Marengo St brings warmth and softness to a room. Or are you looking for something that will stand out as a striking focal point? A mysterious and interpretive  work, like Picasso’s Homme debout avec masque devant femme assise, does a wonderful job of drawing and capturing attention and serves as a fascinating conversation piece.Whatever original artwork you choose, you will be delighted at how it becomes a part of your home.


Many fine art collectors go to extra lengths to collect original artwork because they particularly enjoy the work of a budding young artist. A collector who collects works from an artist they love not only reaps the benefit of owning an original work of art that they can truly enjoy, they also may someday see increased value in the work over time as the artist gains popularity. Of course, an artist becoming popular is not something to count on, but for some the fun is in the speculation.   Occasionally a choice can result in the pleasant surprise of added value over time as a lagniappe to the intrinsic value of enjoyment the collector receives. For example, our talented Joan Zaslow is a budding talent who is based in New Orleans. An art collector may see her talent combined with her local interest and decide to buy an original sculpture that they can enjoy for years to come.


There is a certain distinctive quality about original artwork that really makes it stand out as something extraordinary. You can often tell by looking at a painting that the brush strokes were placed by the original artist. And the high quality of the artwork often reflects upon the collector’s individuality and good taste. Depending on the size and type of work, it may also lend an air of success to the owner. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of owning a high quality work of original art.


Finally, the main reason that many choose to purchase original art: it makes them happy. They say you can’t buy happiness, but there’s a feeling of satisfaction, a pride of ownership,  that accompanies owning an original work of art. Owning original art means that there is no one else in the world who has exactly what you have. Your artwork is one-of-a-kind, fits in with your decor, has a higher value, and has the innate quality of an original work of art. Plus, there is excitement in searching for that perfect piece.There is tremendous satisfaction in locating and bringing home the perfect work of art. That’s why so many people find true pleasure in collecting original art.


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