George Rodrigue, the Creator of the Blue Dog

George Rodrigue was an amazing local artist best known for his Blue Dog paintings. He was born in New Iberia, Louisiana after moving away for a little bit for college, he returned to Louisiana in the 1960’s. Rodrigue passed away on December 14th 2013 and his talents will be missed but he lives on through his dog

In the 1990’s Rodrigue began painting artworks featuring a Blue Dog. The Blue Dog is based on a Cajun werewolf/dog legend called ‘loup-garou’ and his paintings transformed the legend into a pop icon. Over the years, Rodrigue painted many things with the Blue Dog embedded into the artwork. While the first Blue Dog painting was based off of an evil spirit, over the years, the features in the dog changed and he went from a scary mythical creature, to a blue dog with a more kind face that no longer .

Each painting tells a story and has unique background information.  The painting pictured Right Place, Wrong Time is a good example.   According to Rodrigue’s wife this imagine marked a change in the Blue Dog series.  Rodrigue began painting Tiffany with people rather than alone.  His nudes were very controversial this work was no exception.

“Considering the trouble George had with the public regarding his nudes early on, it’s ironic that among his most popular Blue Dog paintings are his recreations of famous classical figurative works. The painting Right Place, Wrong Time (1991, 48×36) is based on The Turkish Bath by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1862.”

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