Artist Spotlight: Angelo Basso

Angelo Basso Daphne

Bronze Sculpture
31 x 7 x 6 in

With the recent tragedy in Amatrice, Italy, now is the time to show support for Italian artists. That’s why we’re putting a spotlight on one of our favorite Italian sculptors: Angelo Basso. Basso is a excellent artist to support right now because his style emulates the mastery of some of Italy’s greatest sculptors.

Angelo Basso: The Heir to the Baroque Tradition

Angelo Basso captures the lush, assertive style of the Baroque era of art in the 1600s. The extravagant style of the Baroque era is carried over in Basso’s sculptures, which feature the lithe, carefree female form caught in the middle of delightfully dancing or luxuriously lounging. Baroque elements of exaggerated motion, drama, and tension are present in each of Basso’s unique works. One of the main features of Baroque sculpture is the fluid movement that can be viewed ideally from multiple angles. Basso captures this element spectacularly; women perch delicately atop waves or hold an elegant dance pose. These amazing sculptures feel as if they could swing back into motion at any moment. Placed on a table or perch, these exuberant women offer varying graceful appearances depending on which angle they are viewed.

Personal History

Angelo Basso is a self-taught sculptor. From a very young age, Basso revealed a distinctive personal style and a firm grasp of the human anatomy. With further instruction, Basso became a master of the technical work involved in creating bronze sculptures. Basso has gone on to win several awards with his masterful works.

Italy and Baroque Art

Angelo Basso Ilaria

Bronze Sculpture
Edition: 144/185

Italy has always been a leader of art movements throughout European history. The country is brimming with the best examples of several art movements, including art from Ancient Greece and Rome, art from the Renaissance period, and art from the Baroque period. The town of Amatrice, Italy lost much of its art from all these periods to the recent earthquake. This is why we’re choosing Angelo Basso for our artist spotlight; his style shows great attention to the masters of the Baroque period that was so prominent in Amatrice. Much of the art and architecture that was lost in Italy is irreplaceable. That’s why it’s so important that we have living artists who carry forward the traditions of the old masters.


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