“In the art of Yuroz, lovers embrace each other with such passionate intimacy that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. They offer roses, exchange fruit, or dance in celebration of their togetherness. In all of them you can see –you can hear –Yuroz’s appreciation for the rhythms of the inner self. In all his works, the people assume the postures of the poetry in their souls.” Yuroz immigrated from Soviet Armenian to the US in 1985. His early life was filled with strife but taught him the value of freedom and love. Yuroz’s images are tender and poignant, his style and use of color innovative. The pomegranate and blue rose, recurrent symbols in his work, portray the passion and hope for the future experienced by his lovers. And his lovers represent lovers everywhere. His work is diverse in that he offers several mediums: line drawings and water color, original acrylic paintings in several sizes, and hand-pulled serigraphs on paper and canvas. Yuroz is also an accomplished sculptor. His sculptures impart the same love and combination of strength and tenderness as his paintings. Contact Barnett Fine Art for more information and images. 504.897-0593

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