Arthur Silverman

The tetrahedron is the simplest of all polyhedra. Any four points in space that are not all on the same plane mark the corners of four triangles. The triangles in turn are the faces of a tetrahedron. (Ivars Peterson) Sculpting began as a hobby but soon became a passion for Arthur Silverman, a practicing urologist for more than 30 years. He succinctly describes sculpture as “shapes in space” and believes that “successful sculpture should also be pleasing to the eye and the mind”. More than 25 public commissions in Silverman’s hometown of New Orleans attest to his achievements in pleasing local leaders and art lovers. His work is located at universities, government offices, commercial buildings and other public spaces. Additionally his installations are placed throughout the United States and internationally and are included in many private collections. According to Silverman, “the strongest works of art are primarily statements about their medium…the subject of art…seems secondary to the artist’s effective innovation in the medium itself.” With this mantra in mind, Silverman, working in metal, explores the tetrahedron in sculptural design. A tetrahedron is a three-dimensional form defined by four flat triangles just as the cube is defined by six squares. How these simple solids relate to physical space has been the basis of Silverman’s creations. Many of his designs are quite complex, some constructions can assume as many as eight different “postures”. These sculptures appear very different with every change in axis but remain “completely sculpturally valid in each new attitude” Silverman says, “My primary interest is in large-scale outdoor work. I like the idea that the public and the site are very important considerations.” His art conveys no political, social or historical message. Silverman touts his work as “strickly a visual experience” At 85 years Dr. Silverman is no longer producing sculpture. He feels that he has “done everything that he wants to do.” Art’s recent resolution to retire has led to a decision to sell out his entire remaining body of work Contact Barnett Fine Art for information 504.524.2922

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