Philippe Bertho

La Artiste (The Artist)
Original Painting

  • Medium:
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size:
  • 16 x 30 unframed and 20 x 35 framed
  • Edition:
  • Original Artwork
  • Asking Price:
  • $20,000.00

LaArtiste is one of the rare paintings that was painted by the Artist for his very first show in the United States.  This work was included in the catalogue prepared by the gallery  for this exhibition as well as included in a book that was printed later.

Bertho is known for his humor, intellect and extraordinary technique—and nowhere were they more obvious than this “initial group” of paintings.  It was America’s reaction to these very first paintings that brought Bertho instant success.
One feature of  Bertho’s early paintings is the signature —he  signed his full name. Later he begain to simply sign “Bertho.”

La Artist, ”The Artist”, depicts the an artist (self-portrait?)  in “a meditative position” wearing almost “a swami hat”—pretending that “his paintbrush is a musical instrument” as he “blows the ‘Bertho Bubbles’ from his brush.” Evidence of the humor continues, as the artist plays (paints) with a blindfold—suggesting that “he is blinded by artist inspiration” that flows from the brush, but that he does not see.

La Artiste

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